1968-1969 NHL Team Labels


These are the 1968-1969 NHL Team Labels.  They include the team logo, record, final standing, playoff result, award(s), Head Coach(es), Captain(s), Arena, Capacity, Uniforms, and any other secondary or commemorative logo.  Please see the first blog post for general instructions on printing/application of the labels


This season IS currently available for purchase from Strat-O-Matic: 1968-1969 6 Team Card Set (with printable file)

Strat’s Description:


  • Esposito, Hull, Howe first ever to 100-point seasons
  • Cup finals: Montreal sweeps St. Louis 2nd straight year,Boston (100 points), New York (91), Toronto (85), Oakland (69)

Full Summary

About time: The scoring inflation expected with expansion took place in the second year of a larger league with a longer schedule, now 76 games. Phil Esposito, the first to a record 100 points this season, topped the league with 126. Teammate Bobby Orr was the first defenseman ever to score 21 goals, as Boston finished a strong second (100 points) to Montreal (103 points and a record 46 wins). Too bizarre: Future HOF goalie Tony Esposito made his debut – with Montreal – and the first two goals he allowed were by brother Phil.

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This is a 6-team set with 108 total cards. The entire 1968-69 NHL season and additional players for these teams are available on a file download included with purchase.


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