2020 MLB Team Labels


These are the 2020 MLB Team Labels.  They include the team logo, record, final standing, Playoff Result, Manager(s), Ballpark, Capacity, Weather Ratings, Ballpark Effect Ratings, Fence Height, and any other secondary or commemorative logo.  The set also includes a label for the MLB Mixed Group, which includes players who were issued multiple-cards in the set.  Please see the first blog post for general instructions on printing/application of the labels.  These labels may be revised in the future to add uniforms.


This season IS currently available for purchase from Strat-O-Matic: 2020 Baseball Cards and Additional Players

Strat’s Description:


  • Dodger Days: LA Finally Wins Another World Series
  • Pandemic Play Ball: MLB Manages 60-game Season, Despite Obstacles
  • The Best: MVPs Abreu, Freeman; Cy Youngs Bieber, Bauer

Full Summary

If both the add game parts and include Red Box options are selected, the Red Box will replace the green Baseball box that would otherwise come with the game.

      A 60-game season is not what anyone had in mind but playing at all was a victory for Major League Baseball. Strat-O-Matic’s re-creation of this unique season offers many opportunities for gamers:

  • Test your managerial strategy with MLB’s new rules (universal DH, 3-batter minimum for relief pitchers, designated runner to begin extra innings).
  • 60-game seasons put complete replays within reach for gamers who lacked the time for 162.
  • Denied a minor-league season, many highly anticipated prospects went directly to the Major Leagues, earning their first SOM cards to enliven replays and drafts.
  • Cards for almost every player with at least 30 at-bats or 20 innings pitched.

The 2020 season created its own drama on the field. The Los Angeles Dodgers’ .717 win percentage led four teams playing at least .600 ball and conquered 34 years of frustration by winning their first World Series since 1986. They added superstar Mookie Betts to a formidable lineup and enjoyed an enviably deep pitching staff led by veteran Clayton Kershaw and young fireballers Dustin May, Julio Urias and Tony Gonsolin.

First basemen Jose Abreu of the White Sox and Freddie Freeman of the Braves slugged their way to MVP awards. Freeman was second only to Washington’s Juan Soto (1.185 OPS) among four men who topped 1.000 in OPS. The Yankees’ Luke Voit needed only 60 games to crush 22 HR (Abreu was second with 19 and first with 60 RBIs).Teammate D.J. Lemahieu won his second batting title at .364. The amazing 21-year-old Soto did a Ted Williams imitation by leading MLB with .490 OBP and .695 slugging.

Cleveland’s Shane Bieber was the unanimous choice for the American League Cy Young after leading MLB in wins (8-1), ERA (1.63), strikeouts (122) and an eye-popping 14.2 K/9 innings. He had plenty of company:10 starting pitchers exceeded 11 K/9. Atlanta’s Adam Fried went 7-0. The Cubs’ Yu Darvish was 8-3, 2.01. Cincinnati’s Trevor Bauer won the NL Cy Young with a 1.73 ERA and a stifling 0.795 WHIP.

27 cards per team plus 27-card mixed player group. 288 additional players available – See Products List

Two-sided cards for basic, advanced and super-advanced play


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