2018-2019 NHL Team Labels

These are the 2018-2019 NHL Team Labels.  They include the team logo, record, final standing, playoff result, award(s), Head Coach(es), Captain(s), Arena, Capacity, Uniforms, and any other secondary or commemorative logo.  Please see the first blog post for general instructions on printing/application of the labels


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Strat’s Description:


  • Paint the Town Blue: St. Louis wins first Cup in historic playoff season
  • Lightning Flash: Tampa Bay wins 62 in season, none in playoffs
  • Lamplighters: 13 score 40+ goals in highest-scoring year ever

Full Summary

The NHL had never seen anything like it. First, all four division winners and six of the nine 100-point teams did not survive the first round of the playoffs. Tampa Bay’s historically great regular season (NHL record-tying 62 wins, league-best 325 goals) ended with a historically disastrous playoff (first team in the 52-year expansion era to fail to win a playoff game after leading the NHL in points).

That unequalled misery set the stage for the season’s feel-good ending: The St. Louis Blues, a last-place team on Jan. 1, won its first Stanley Cup in its first finals appearance since 1970, the early days of expansion.

The regular season offered plenty of individual highlights:

  • Alex Ovechkin leads the NHL in goals (51) again, but only one more than Edmonton’s Leon Draisaitl in a season that had the most goals in NHL history. Thirteen men scored at least 40 goals.
  • Tampa Bay’s Nikita Kucherov won the Hart Trophy and the scoring title (41-87-128) above a group of six superstar 100-point men: Kucherov, Connor McDavid (116), Patrick Kane (110), Draisaitl (105), Brad Marchand (100) and Sidney Crosby (100).
  • Despite the flurry of goals, Dallas’ Ben Bishop’s .934 save percentage topped nine qualifiers with .922 or better.
  • Louis’ rookie goaltender, Jordan Binnington (.927 save percentage), led the NHL with a 1.89 goals-against-average, a bit better than Bishop’s 1.98, before starring in the Blues’ surge to the Cup.

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