2018 MLB Team Labels


These are the 2018 MLB Team Labels.  They include the team logo, record, final standing, Playoff Result, Manager(s), Ballpark, Capacity, Weather Ratings, Ballpark Effect Ratings, Fence Height, and any other secondary or commemorative logo.  The set also includes a label for the MLB Mixed Group, which includes players who were issued multiple-cards in the set.  Please see the first blog post for general instructions on printing/application of the labels.  These labels may be revised in the future to add uniforms.

Note* Strat O Matic has inserted information on the ability to rob Home Runs in its ballpark info sheet.  This information is included on these labels where the “Homerun” reading is.  The asterisk is located on the appropriate side of “Homerun” to reflect the weather and ballpark effect charts.  As per the chart:

* Robbing HR Rule (14.5) – An * to the left of the team name indicates that a home run CANNOT be robbed for a lefty batter. An * to the right of the team name indicates that a home run CANNOT be robbed for a righty batter. Note, this applies to all HR/Flyout splits, not just ballpark home run chances

2018 MLB Team Labels


This season IS currently available for purchase from Strat-O-Matic: 2018 Baseball Cards and Additional Players

Strat’s Description:

  • Highlights

    • Best Bosox: WS champs win franchise-record 108 games in three 100-win-team AL
    • Drama Kings: Two teams win divisions by one game; record number of walk-off homers
    • Hitting it Big: Rookies Ohtani, Acuna, Soto blast their way to stardom


    Full SummaryThe best of 2018 Major League Baseball often was record-setting awesome. The Boston Red Sox won a franchise-best 108 games, then crushed all foes on an 11-3 romp through the post-season to win their fourth World Series in the past 15 seasons. First, they eliminated the arch-rival Yankees, who won 100 games for the first time since 2009. Next, Boston disposed off reigning champion Houston, which had won a franchise-record 103 games. Finally, the Red Sox triumphed in the Fall Classic over the Los Angeles Dodgers, which had returned to the Series for the second straight season.

    The Dodgers won the NL West by one game. That was Milwaukee’s margin in the NL Central, too, after a playoff win over the Chicago Cubs.

    Boston’s Mookie Betts and Milwaukee’s Christian Yelich won the MVP awards, but the honors would have been justified for Boston’s J.D Martinez, Houston’s Alex Bregman, Cleveland’s Jose Ramirez, the Los Angeles Angels’ Mike Trout, Colorado’s Nolan Arenado or Trevor Story, the Chicago Cubs’ Javier Baez or St. Louis’ Matt Carpenter.

    Major League pitchers set the record for strikeouts. Tampa Bay’s Blake Snell and the New York Mets’ Jacob deGrom won the Cy Young awards, but Cleveland’s Corey Kluber, Boston’s Chris Sale, Washington’s Max Scherzer and Philadelphia’s Aaron Nola were deserving. Snell and Kluber were the season’s only 20-game winners, but a dozen others had records like Luis Severino’s 19-8, Myles Mikolas’ 18-4, A.J. Happ’s 17-6, Charlie Morton’s 15-3 and Noah Syndergaard’s 13-4.

    Hitting and pitching dual-threat star Shohei Ohtani and Atlanta’s Ronald Acuna won the Rookie of the Year Awards, but it was a great class with Washington’s Juan Soto, the Yankees’ Gleyber Torres and Miguel Andujar, the Dodgers’ Walker Buehler, Miami’s Brian Anderson and this group of Cardinals: Harrison Bader, Mikolas, Jack Flaherty and Jordan Hicks.

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