Hockey Scoresheet

Hockey Scoresheet

This is a Scoresheet for Hockey.  This sheet borrowed from a few other concepts and revised to fit my own preferences.  It is 2 pages in length (or front and back if preferred).  The top will show teams with score/shots in line-score form.  The table provides space for league, game # (or any designation you may have), date, venue, and date played (I put real-time date for when I play the game).

The lineup cards position players by line and position, as well as special teams.  Shots can be tracked with tally marks by period (if a shot results in a goal, I circle the tally mark).  Faceoffs taken and won, Intimidations attempted and successes (I track successes as ‘hits’).  Takeaways (I track takeaways as any time a player takes the puck away on the Defense column or a non-special teams penetration attempt where his D rating is factored in).  Also the last column is +/-.  You also have a space for any game notes of interesting events.

For the goalies, you have minutes, goalie rating draws by period, goals against, shots, empty net goals, and PIM.

Below the goalies you have Three Stars determined at the end of the game, and a powerplay success tracker by team.

Hockey Scoresheet_Page_1

Page 2 will neatly track each goal and penalty assessed in the game.  Self-explanatory.  Additional space for notes is provided.  I write down the sequence of events leading to each goal for example.

Hockey Scoresheet_Page_2



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