1977-1978 NHL Team Labels



These are the 1976-1977 NHL Team Labels.  They include the team logo, record, final standing, playoff result, award(s), Head Coach(es), Captain(s), Arena, Capacity, Uniforms, and any other secondary or commemorative logo.  Please see the first blog post for general instructions on printing/application of the labels

1977-78 NHL Team Labels


This season IS currently available for purchase from Strat-O-Matic: 1977-1978 6 Team Card Set (with printable file)

Strat’s Description:

  • Living large: Canadiens nearly double foes’ scoring
  • Cup finals: Montreal (129 points) frustrates Boston (113) again
  • NY Isles (111 points), Buffalo (105), Philadelphia (105), Chicago (83)

In a later year, we might be talking about how Mike Bossy (53 goals), Bryan Trottier (46) and Denis Potvin (30) led the New York Islanders to the Stanley Cup. That would have to wait, for Montreal’s 129-point team was nearly as dominant as last year’s record-setting 132-point squad. Guy Lafleur (60 goals, 132 points) led the NHL in scoring again. Ken Dryden (2.05 GAA) won the Vezina Trophy again. And the Canadiens outscored foes by a jaw-dropping 359-183. Can’t get enough? Here’s more.  

Powered by official averages and stats with exclusive Strat-O ratings;

Enhanced by hundreds of hours of unique Strat-O research and statistical analysis

This is a 6-team set with 108 total cards. The entire 1977-78 NHL season and additional players for these teams are available on a file download included with purchase.


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