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*The contents of this blog are not affiliated with or distributed by the Strat-O-Matic Gaming Company.  This is an independent fan’s creation in its entirety.

This page was created to share some of my creations to enhance the Strat-O-Matic experience, mostly for the Card and Dice players.  I am a Strat-Veteran of almost 30 years, however returned recently from about 15 years off.  Check out my long term 1989-1990 NHL Replay if you have a chance: 1989-1990 NHL Replay


I have created team labels for Strat O Matic sets, and also in the process of continuing to create them for all my sets of Baseball, Hockey, Football, and Basketball.

In doing so, I borrowed a lot of content from the painstaking work of others.  Information was taken from wikipedia as well as:

As far as logos, uniforms, and other patches and flair, they can be found at: (check them out!) for a great reference in pro football uniform history

Sports Logos for a great database of sports logos and uniforms

Dressed to the Nines – Baseball Hall of Fame for MLB uniforms


The attached are pdfs of each season labels I have created.  Personally, I use Avery labels, and these are printed on 5″ x 7″ sheets.  You can do what you wish with them, but if they are printed larger, I am unsure what the resolution will look like.  When printing, make sure any ‘fit to page’ box is not checked.  I use Avery 5450 labels for these.  Some people have been able to print these labels directly on envelopes.
For card storage, I use #6 coin envelopes for older baseball seasons, #7 for hockey.  For seasons  that contain many extra players and pitchers’ hitting cards, the teams may get snug so I have moved to #7 coin envelopes other than older baseball sets.  I have found that over time, teams will kind of form the envelope to its size, but I cannot vouch for the long-term storage effects on the cards as I just starting using these last year.
I place the team in the envelope, then carefully put the label on.  I reinforce each side of the label with 1/2 strip of scotch tape (extending just past the corners) because the label will flare up where the envelope bends with the cards and it will lose adhesion.
When playing, I prop the cards up somewhere to add some more flair.  The baseball sets also have weather and ballpark information for quick reference.
Please contact me with any comments, concerns, corrections, or requests (although I am committed to finishing my sets first).  Contact


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